Frequently Asked Questions

5 balloon dogs by editions studio in line: balloon dog blue, balloon dog silver, balloon dog rose gold, balloon dog pink and balloon dog red

From which country is Editions Studio from?

Editions Studio is the collaboration of a French designer (logo, packaging, different designs used) and of a Chinese art collector and art agent (in charge of the production and logistic) who associated to provide art lovers with high quality art editions.

Where are the artworks sold by Editions Studio produced?

Currently, all of our artworks are made in China.

Do you have the right to produce those artworks?

The logo Editions Studio is a registered trademark and all our designs are made in house. 

The designs of the balloon dog or balloon rabbit are produced exclusively with the owner of the designs’ rights in China (those designs are registered).

Is it possible to order small quantities through this website?

We do not sell to retail collectors directly, if you are looking to purchase a few units please proceed through our network of resellers, both online and offline. 

How to spot fake items from Editions Studio?

First, QUALITY, counterfeiters sell low cost resin items that you can found anywhere around, they do not resell metal items that are much more expensive to produce.

Second, a straightforward way to spot a counterfeit from Editions Studio is the logo. There are inconsistencies found in some logos seen around in the art market.

Some resellers uses our name but a different logo of their own creation.

Design can be totally different or only lettering and typos can be slightly different.

Then it’s all about the design of the boxes, design of the coa etc.

In case of doubt please contact us

How many dogs and rabbits will be produced? 

Rabbits are series of 500 and dogs of 999.

Are Editions Studio productions a good investment?

While being released at relatively low prices and being cool decorative items,  our editions have usually seen their prices increase with the time. With some very nice results in auctions.